COVID-19 UPDATE – this is to let you know that my studio is running and my business continues as normal. If you need anything recording, do get in touch – and please keep safe.

Please feel free to get in touch for any advice or a quote for your next project.

E-mail: actingvoice@icloud.com

Hello – I’m Natasha. I am a voice over artist with 18 years experience and 5 year degree in linguistics. Being an actress and a qualified linguist gives me an edge in voice overs.

I help companies and creatives get their words out into the world. Your story will be told beautifully, precisely and to the point. My media list ranges from IVR and corporates to commercials, computer games, animations and character voices.

All I need is a script, a brief and a deadline. If you’ve got a project that needs the voice to match certain points in the video, that’s straightforward too. I am happy to help with the script if needed and to record alternative takes of the same script free of charge.

Over 1000 professional VO credits, full CV is available upon request.

I work in:

native Russian (Russian born and trained in St. Petersburg, The State Academy of the Performing Arts, Speech Department, under Prof. Smirnova)

native Ukrainian (I am half Ukrainian, have lived in Ukraine for 20 years, finished Kiev State Linguistic University, 5 year degree)

English (with Eastern-European accents)

Home studio or studio of your choice

I am happy to work in any recording studio of your choice in the UK or abroad.

Or at my home professional studio, I’d be happy to e-mail you the tech spec and dry samples.

I could be the perfect voice for your project – take a listen.

Extracts of BBC radio-drama work starring Natasha Radski.

King of Pripyat, BBC4

Dreaming in English, BBC4

Woman of Your Dreams, BBC4

Forty three, fifty nine – Yara, BBC4

Ariel, BBC4

Doctor Who, Singularity, BBC World